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The working flow of PET washing line

New style complete PET washing and recycling line is a high standard washing line as we put in much resources in designing it. PET washing line is mainly used for crushing and cleaning plastic bottles, plastic barrels, hard plastic Coke bottles, it can also be used for crushing and cleaning dirty soft material.A full set of equipment includes removal sign machine, lift the feeder, crusher washing machine, boiler, cleaning tank, dryer and storage bin.

PET washing line

PET washing line

High automatic, low power consumption as well as high capacity(300-2000kg/h). Washed material is chean so that the chemical fiber factory can spinning reprocessing without washing.
At the same time, users can choose different machine according to the raw material and the requirement of washing standard.
Working flow:
Belt conveyor→Mechanical label remover→ manual separating table→metal detector→belt conveyor→Crusher→Screw conveyor→floating washer→screw conveyor→Hot washer→screw conveyor→high speed friction machine→screw conveyor→floation washer→screw conveyor→dewatering machine→drying system→zig zag air classify system→storage hopper→control cabinet

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