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Semi-automatic PET Bottle Crusher


Semi-automatic PET Bottle Crusher Description:

Performance and structure:

1.Adopt imported high quality tool steel for specially blades. Extremely wear-resisting, blades can be elastically fixed, repeatedly sharpened when blunt and achieve using life.

2.The Base of Rotary blade designs as step and scissors, so that the cutting force can be decomposed and caused double increase

3.Material of rotary blade base is T7A high-quality tool steel, rigid and flexible, which has stronger and long life. It adopts high intension bolts (12.9 level) to fix, the structure is solid and durable.

4.Semi-automatic PET bottle crusher body is made by advanced Q235A steel , which can avoid influence to mechanical properties after long time running.

5.Main Axis Core and both end face is finished  by the high precision  coordinate  boring  in one time, ensures concentricity and perpendicularity errors less than 0.05mm. Each of the components sets basic hole and surface with both coarse and fine processing. Parts are interchangeable and with high precision.

Semi-automatic PET Bottle Crusher Drawing:


Semi-automatic PET Bottle Crusher Technical Parameters:

NO.NameMotor Power(kw)Output kg/h)Overall Size(mm)Weight(T)
1CGP560/800 (mechanical)30-37400-6001935×1750×28753-4
2CGP560/1000 (mechanical)45-55500-8001955×1950×30754-5
3CGP560/1200 (mechanical)55-75600-15001990×2150×30754-5