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Replacement Fast-push PET Plastic Bottle Shredders Are of Concern

Improve the performance of wear-resistant materials is to reduce the wear-resistant material of a method, but blindly improve the performance of wear-resistant materials is a matter of course, and can not fundamentally solve the consumption of wear-resistant materials.

At present, China’s PET plastic bottle crushing machinery and PET bottle recycling machinery market has become a hot spot for international equipment manufacturers, due to the upgrading of crushing equipment faster, especially the small crush life of only three or five years, the annual domestic grinding is about crushing demand The total amount of 20%, for the rapid development of smashing equipment provides a strong driving force.

Crushing effect can be said to be the most obvious advantage of the air grinder, but at the same time high cost, energy consumption, equipment, wear and other disadvantages have been the airflow mill can not become the mainstream of the well-known crushing equipment weaknesses. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of industry technical level, product quality, performance and other significant increase in market prospects for the light is optimistic.

At present, the main goal of the international development of the crushing industry is to improve the fineness while increasing production, to expand the scope of application, such as fiber, hardness, toughness, viscosity and elastic materials such as the development and application of crushing, With the gas atmosphere of the grinder is also the focus of many foreign manufacturers.

In general, compared with ordinary mechanical ultra-fine grinding, PET plastic bottle shredder can be very fine product crushing, particle size distribution range is narrow, that is more uniform particle size. And because the gas at the nozzle expansion can cool down, crushing process is not associated with heat, so the crushing temperature is very low. This feature is particularly important for ultrafine melting of low melting points and heat sensitive materials.

China’s industrial application of the air jet mill mainly have several types: flat air mill, fluidized bed on the jet air mill, circulating pipe air mill, spray jet mill, the target airflow mill. This type of airflow mill in the flat air mill, fluidized bed on the jet air mill, circulating tube airflow mill is more widely used.

However, PET plastic bottle crusher in the crushing of materials, especially high-strength materials, the existence of energy consumption, equipment, serious wear and tear problems, the international crushing machinery production major countries are Japan and Germany, only Japan has hundreds of shredders factory , The annual output is to reach a surprising number, product package capacity, wide range of applications, technical advantages can not be compared in the airflow mill R & D and production has been in a leading position. The domestic enterprises caused great pressure. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic industrial manufacturing level, in the air mill and other equipment production technology has made significant progress, basically become the dominant domestic market, industry development prospects are optimistic.

Grinder wide range of applications, the market prospects of the future. At present, China has entered the ranks of crushing production countries, the products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania and other regions, to participate in international market competition has become an inevitable trend.

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