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PET Washing Line News
  • Introduction to PET Bottle Washing Line

    Lianguan Recycling Machinery provides you with PET bottle washing line which is specifically used for recycling,crushing and cleaning waste PET bottles and other PET plastic bottles. The appearance of the PET bottle washing line is exqui……

  • Lianguan Recycling Machinery
    LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will Participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS

    LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS at Shanghai national convention and exhibition center from April 24 to 27, 2018. At that time, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate busine……

  • PET Bottle Recycling Line
    PET Bottle Flake Recycling Production Line Introduced the Main Process

    A product description: PET bottle flake cleaning and recycling production line, automatic production line, is dedicated to crushing, cleaning waste water bottles, Coke bottles and other PET plastic sheet equipment, is a new generation of……

  • how-pet-bottle-recycling-line-work-3
    How does PET Bottle Recycling Line Work

    How does PET Bottle Recycling Line Work, you may ask this way. Now, it's time to uncover its work principle.Description: The Process is used to recycle big capacity and stable quality raw material, especially for PSF manufacturer and……

  • Pet Bottle Recycling Line Helps the Environment

    Pet Bottle Recycling Line is a resource environmental enterprise which integrates manufacture, engineering and equipment supply. Pet Bottle Recycling Line system covers our 25 years manufacturing experience.And the products are upgraded c……

  • Pet Bottle Recycling Line Makes Interests

    In our daily life, plastic garbage is everywhere and they are very hard to degrade which caused White Pollution and environment pollution. Pet Bottle Recycling Line can help us deal with the garbage.The garbage that we see everywhere is p……

  • Pet Recycling Line for Bottles and Film

    Pet Recycling Line is used in PET industrial waste, waste bottles, food packaging container, etc.At present, the domestic and foreign supporting technologies are better, the only weak link is the viscose technology of PET regeneration par……

  • Waste PET Bottle recycling Line

    For now,too many waste garbage have not been recycled.This is a main factor to the environmental pollution.As we all know,the resources on earth will run out one day which adds the importance to recycle work.From all sorts of recycling,PE……

  • PET-Bottle-Recycling-System
    Lianguan PET Bottle Recycling System

    In our daily life,there are so many waste that cannot be fully used,which also causes environmental problems in result of the traditional treatment:landfill and incineration.So what can we do to save our city from these pollution?PET Bott……

  • Replacement Fast-push PET Plastic Bottle Shredders Are of Concern

    Improve the performance of wear-resistant materials is to reduce the wear-resistant material of a method, but blindly improve the performance of wear-resistant materials is a matter of course, and can not fundamentally solve the consumpti……

  • Environmental Issues to Promote The Development of PET Recycling Market

    Recycling of plastics mainly refers to the conversion of waste plastics into a reusable form. Waste plastic can be divided into hard plastic and soft plastic two types. The former includes containers and bottles, which include wrapping pa……

  • Germany Still Keep PET Bottles High Recovery Rate

    In recent years, because oil prices continue to fall. PET bottles of new materials and old materials prices have been reduced by 50%. Which makes a lot of local PET bottle recycling blocked PET bottle recycling line, a large number of PET……

  • European plastics traders say recycled PET quality is difficult to improve

    European PET recyclers said that since 2011, the average return from 73% to 68%. This not only leads to higher costs, recyclers must discard more material in order to obtain high quality recycled PET.Zhangjiagang Lianguan as a specialized……

  • PET Structure

    PET plastic molecular structure is highly symmetrical, with a certain degree of crystal orientation, and therefore has a high film-forming and forming. PET plastic has good optical properties and weatherability, amorphous PET plastic has ……

  • PET bottle washing line production process

    Now advocate environmental protection, a lot of pet plastic bottles are recycled, after pet equipment cleaning, you can be re-use, play value. The next step by the source of machinery for you to introduce the PET bottle washing line produ……

  • PET/PE Alloy Recycling Technology

    PET/PE AlloyPET/PE is hard, high strength, easy processing, low cost and a lot of advantage,Its brittleness is lower than pure PET, also do not need to dry processing before processing.The alloy liquid, cooling speed is faster than H……

  • June 17, 2010 PET recycling market is expected to high consolidation

    Yesterday the market price stalemate, the recycling market is still shrouded in environmental protection, cleaning plant start mentality instability, renewable bottle supply is affected, cargo hold price, bottle film prices remain high, c……

  • PET washing line
    Method of high separation type nano modified PET bottle and film

    High separation type nano modified PET bottle and filmLayered silicate to nano scale (about 30 mm thick, 1000 mm width) the size of the dispersed in PET makings,Silicate in the layered orientation form Mosaic arrangement, can greatly……

  • PET recycling line
    PET Recycling Line Introduction And Advantages

    Zhangjiagang Lianguan Recycling Science & Technology Co.,Ltd pet recycling line is through my company's R & D department of repeated tests, developed a new generation of efficient, water-saving equipment, the pet recycling line fe……

  • Domestic and foreign PET washing line operation

    In China, PET washing line when the waste paper and scrap metal as, exempt from import tariffs, which is not only the voice of domestic enterprises, but also the world's industry-related expectations. At the same time, due to the waste pl……