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PET Recycling Washing Line

With 20 years experience of manufacturing PET recycling Washing line and the full range of research in waste PET bottles.Lianguan recycling machines can effectively separate the bottles caps,labels and various specifications of bottles by our sorting processing technology,specially design for loose bottles,baled bottles and the bottles with paper labels.We can supply pet washing line,pet bottle washing line,pet bottle recycling line,waste bottle washing line,waste bottle recycling line.

PET recycling washing line

PET Recycling Washing Line Information:
Capacity: 200-2000kg/h
Material of PET Recycling Line: SS304 (also can be customized)
Electrical parts: ABB, SIEMENS, OMRON etc.
Process: Bale opener – Belt conveyor – Label remover- Sorting platform- Wet crusher – Hot steam washer – Neutralization washer- Floating tank – Screw Feeder- Dewatering machine – Dryer -Blower – Storage silo

PET Recycling Washing Line Feature:
1. High automation, Less man power, low energy consumption, high output
2. Provide whole solution for by-products during production, for example:
variegated bottles, non PET material, sewage water, labels, caps, metal and etc.
3. With a materials pre-treatment system such as pre-washer, Label processing module, highly improve quality of end product.
4. Through multiple cold flotation, hot washing and friction washing, fully remove the impurities, such as glue, organic and inorganic residue.
5. The reasonable process design, reduce maintenance cost and bring convenient
6. Impurity separation effect (customer feedback):
I) Moisture content: 1%.
II) Final PET density: 0.3G / CM3
III) Total impurity content: ≤300 ppm
A-PVC content: ≤300ppm
B-Metal content: ≤100ppm
C-PE / PP content: ≤300 ppm
IV) Final PET size: 14-16 mm

PET Recycling Washing Line Technical Data:

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Electricity consumption(KWH)Steam consumption(kg/h)Additive consumption(kg/h)Water consumption(ton/h)Installation power(KW)Cover area(m2)
PET 200-300200-3007020080.5100500
PET 300-500300-500100300100.7150700
PET 500-1000500-1000170500141.5250800
PET 1000-15001000-15002258001833201000
PET 1500-20001500-200035010002055001200
  • PET Bottle Crusher

     PET Bottle Crusher  has different capacity with high efficiency and low power consumption, also can crush with water. The outlet port can open for easy examination. We adopt imported alloy knife. 

  • Friction Washer/Dehydrator

     Friction washer adopts European technology and can uniformly feed and friction wash and high speed dehydration with smooth operation system and high efficiency. Friction washer/dehydrator interior details of……

  • Label Remover

     Label remover can remove the bottle label effectively by durable multi alloy knife, whether it’s squashed or not, round or square.Removal rate: 80%-95%Label remover Interior details of the machine

  • Drum Screen

    Drum Screen can efficiently filter the impurities like stone from the PET material sorted out from the garbage through screen mesh to prevent the pollution in following washing process.Capacity:  100-300tons per day 

  • Hot Steam Washer

    Hot steam washer can continuity rub the pet flakes by positive and negative rotation, which adopts European technology. 

  • Label Separator

    Label separator adopts the principle of air suction feeding and free fall motion and adsorbs PET bottle labels with negative pressure while the label is sucked by the wind.Capacity can reach 300-400ppmmt

  • PET pre-washer
    PET pre-washer

    The PET bottle pre washing machine can clean the sand, impurities, etc., but also remove the paper label and part of the PE, PVC labels; more importantly, after heating pre-wash, PVC bottle physical properties will be changed (relativ……

  • GT label remover
    GT label remover

    This is a new type label remover machine, can adjust the fixed knife by outside screws for different size, model, standard, and specification of the bottles.

  • Dried label remover

    .The device is designed for small size pet bottle label removing with low power and so on. The internal knife is made of alloy material in high service life.

  • Label remover with water

    Label remover with water can remove the pet bottle labels with water, at the same time, can pre-wash the dirt outside the bottles, to facilitate the next washing processing.

  • High-speed label remover

    This device to remove the pet bottle labels by wind separation. Inside knife with alloy steel head processing, to extend the service life. The device is suitable for both unpacked bottles and packaged bottles.

  • Plastic cutter unit
    Plastic cutter unit

    [caption id="attachment_81" align="alignnone" width="600"] Plastic cutter unit[/caption]This equipment can cut plastics into different size, in order to facilitate the next processing, using different tons of hydraulic assembly.&n……

  • PET zigzag label separator
    PET zigzag label separator

    This machine principle uses the material gravity and vacuum condition. When it is running, the equipment is sucked at the top by fan, and the heavier PET material is slanting down. The lighter film label is sucked up by fan to separat……

  • Pet Rotary Steamer
    PET Rotary Steamer

    Our pet steam washer adopts European technology, to achieve automatic cleaning, improve the capacity in pet washing line. It is equipped with some small motors, and frequency control, can be rotated and revolution, in order to clean P……

  • PET baler machine

  • pet bottle crusher

    According to different customer requirements,they can choose the different recycling equipment with different function.The machine with different configuration can achieve different capacity,such as from 500-4000kg/h etc.