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PET Recycling line news
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    PET Recycling Plastic can be Used for Infinite Recycling

    The application advantage of PET recycling plastics has been recognized by many industries, For example, it can be used in motorcycle helmet making, packing rope, garment manufacturing and fishing line manufacturing, etc. The production o……

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    Analysis of current situation of PET plastic bottles in China

    For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited manpower and material resources, instead of using a large amount of manpower and material resources for the development of PET beer bottles, it is better to invest limited manpower and m……

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    The Development of PET Plastic Market in China

    PET recycling plastics can be used to make clothes, motorcycle helmets, fishing lines, and packing ropes or use it in food packaging. PET recycling bottles can be recycled indefinitely.This is an environmentally friendly technology that i……

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    PET Bottle Recycle Line

    PET Bottle Recycle Line Cleaning process a complete cleaning system generally includes: pre-washing part, cleaning part, rinsing part and other processes. Prewash sections are generally use process after the water to remove the pollutants……

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    PET Recycling Washing Line for Bottles

    As the quality of the collected PET bottles varies significantly from country to country, and even within the same country, and as their conditions can be very bad, it is necessary to be continuously updated on the technologies and techni……

  • Disposable PET Plastic Bottle Possession of Large -PET Recycling Machinery to Help Re-use of Resources

    In many plastic packaging, plastic bottles are widely used in one of the packaging, and for plastic bottle manufacturers, the production of products for the beverage, food, medicine, these markets packaging, we all know. These markets are……

  • PET Plastic Bottle Grinder Market Into A Focus

    At present, Chinese PET plastic bottle crushing(PET bottle washing machinery) machinery market has become a hot spot for international equipment manufacturers, due to the upgrading of crushing equipment faster, especially the small crush ……

  • PET Plastic Recycling

    Germany PET waste bottle recycling into a "Chinese sweater" is also worth pondering, the German market, the annual flow of more than 800 million PET bottles. Garbage collection companies to take these bottles, crushed into pieces or crush……

  • PET Waste Plastic Recycling Line

    In China, PET waste plastic recycling washing line when the waste paper and scrap metal as, exempt from import tariffs, which is not only the voice of domestic enterprises, but also the world's industry-related expectations. At the same t……

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    PET recycling technology

    Polyester Filament YarnThe present domestic several realize made of PET bottle flakes processing polyester filament has a greater economic and social benefits, and a lot of development on research and trial production.In 2010 the nati……

  • PET washing line
    The working flow of PET washing line

    New style complete PET washing and recycling line is a high standard washing line as we put in much resources in designing it. PET washing line is mainly used for crushing and cleaning plastic bottles, plastic barrels, hard plastic Coke b……

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    Bottle-to-Bottle is one of PET recycling technology

    PET as a large force of waste plastics recycling, like by insider, the recycling use of before and after each are not identical, can be divided into nine categories accordingly.Bottle-to-Bottle is one of PET recycling line technology. PE……

  • PET bottle washing line

    Grease plastic often bottle, pot products. Such as mineral water, Coke bottles, oil pots and so on. Because the transparency is well received by the food industry, but the discarded items are also more complicated items, so in the regener……