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PET recycling technology

Polyester Filament Yarn

The present domestic several realize made of PET bottle flakes processing polyester filament has a greater economic and social benefits, and a lot of development on research and trial production.In 2010 the national total of five enterprises apply to the national development and reform commission (NDRC) for the central budget support resource conservation and environmental protection projects, the size of its devices are more than 30000 tons/year.


Polyester Color Master Batch

Polyester staple fiber products are mostly white, but in making clothing or mixed with new material in a certain proportion of processing, you may need to dyeing.Use PET bottle flakes carrier of the paints better than any of the new fiber grade PET resin piece, and viscosity in the process of machining slightly lower will not influence on the performance of the color master batch dispersion and add effect, advantage is more obvious in the cost of production.

pet bottle recycling line

pet bottle recycling line

Reactive Extrusion Anchoring Technology

If the cleaning and drying of PET bottle flakes melt extrusion directly, will inevitably happen hydrolysis and degradation, the characteristic viscosity is likely to drop below 0.5 DL/g, and the minimum fiber with PET the characteristic viscosity should be higher than 0.65 DL/g.So when melt extrusion must as far as possible reduce the moisture content in the bottle flakes, more secure way is to join reaction viscous diffusion agent, and realize the growth of PET molecular chain.

Chain extender is used in the PET melt state to two or more than two PET macromolecular condensation or on its molecular addition reaction, increase the PET molecular mass, in order to achieve the purpose of the characteristic viscosity.Zhangjiagang Lianguan professional to provide users PET recycling linePET bottle recycling line.

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