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PET Recycling Line

PET Recycling Line

PET Recycling Line Description

1.PET recycling machine is used for crushing, washing and drying and with high automation, less man power, low energy consumption, high output;
2.PET recycling stytem can be customed according to customer needs. Provide whole solution for by-products during production, for example: variegated bottles, non-PET material, sewage water, labels, caps, metal and etc.
3.With a materials pre-treatment system such as pre-washer, label processing module, highly improve quality of end products;
4.Through multiple cold flotation, hot washing and friction washing, fully remove the impurities, such as glue, organic and inorganic residue;
5.The reasonable process design, reduce maintenance cost and bring convenient operation.

PET Recycling Plant Flow Diagram


PET Recycling Line Procedures :
Selection, label removal, wet crushing, heating, stirring, friction washing and two poaching washing. After these washing procedures, the washed PET flakes can meet the requirement of next application. The recycled product is widely used in chemical fiber spinning, granulation, injection and etc. This machine has the features of high automation, clean washing, and high efficiency.


PET Recycling System Basic Information:
Capacity: 200-2000kg/h
Material: SS304 (also can be customized)
Electrical parts: ABB, SIEMENS, OMRON etc.
Process:Bale opener – Belt conveyor – Label remover- Sorting platform- Wet crusher – Hot steam washer – Neutralization washer- Floating tank – Screw Feeder- Dewatering machine – Dryer -Blower – Storage silo


PET Recycling Equipment Product Feature:
1. High automation, Less man power, low energy consumption, high output
2. Provide whole solution for by-products during production, for example:
variegated bottles, non-PET material, sewage water, labels, caps, metal and etc.
3. With a materials pre-treatment system such as pre-washer, Label processing
module, highly improve quality of end product.
4. Through multiple cold flotation, hot washing and friction washing, fully remove
the impurities, such as glue, organic and inorganic residue.
5. The reasonable process design, reduce maintenance cost and bring convenient
6. Impurity separation effect (customer feedback):
I) Moisture content: 1%.
II) Final PET density: 0.3G / CM3
III) Total impurity content: ≤300 ppm
A-PVC content: ≤300ppm
B-Metal content: ≤100ppm
C-PE / PP content: ≤300 ppm
IV) Final PET size: 14-16 mm

PET Recycling Line Will Be A variety of PET Bottles Through The Above Process into A Clean PET Flakes Re-use


PET Recycling Equipment Technical Data:

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Electricity consumption(KWH)Steam consumption(kg/h)Additive consumption(kg/h)Water consumption(ton/h)Installation power(KW)Cover area(m2)
PET 200-300200-3007020080.5100500
PET 300-500300-500100300100.7150700
PET 500-1000500-1000170500141.5250800
PET 1000-15001000-15002258001833201000
PET 1500-20001500-200035010002055001200

PET  recycling line is a professionally designed and manufactured wash line for effectively recycling whole, post-consumer PET bottles into high quality, hot-washed PET flakes. To accomplish this, various pieces of high-tech recycling machinery are used in a step-by-step process starting from size reduction, label and bottle cap separation, hot and cold water washing, mechanical and thermal drying, to finally packaging.

We offer an “all-in-one” solution to a PET recycling plant that not only operates in a highly efficient manner in terms of utilities usage and the numbers of operators, we promise precision machinery made from the highest quality parts resulting in unmatched durability.

PET recycling lines are available in various capacities starting from 500 KG/HR to 3,000 KG/HR. Higher capacities can be managed, please contact a sales representative for more details.


PET Recycle Machine Live Video

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