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Pet Recycling Line for Bottles and Film

Pet Recycling Line is used in PET industrial waste, waste bottles, food packaging container, etc.At present, the domestic and foreign supporting technologies are better, the only weak link is the viscose technology of PET regeneration particles, and the ability to increase adhesion will directly relate to the performance of regenerative PET particles.

The technology of this project breaks through this technical bottleneck and opens up space for the value of regenerative PET particles.The equipment has been applied to a series of high – tech technology, which can make PET’s viscosity increase and the quality of recovery particle which improve to meet the standard of PET new material.

Combined the characteristics of the physical method and chemical method, under the molten state by adding a chain extender already degradation of molecular chain extension reaction, into macromolecular chain again, significantly improve Pet Recycling Line performance.

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