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PET Plastic Recycling

Germany PET waste bottle recycling into a “Chinese sweater” is also worth pondering, the German market, the annual flow of more than 800 million PET bottles. Garbage collection companies to take these bottles, crushed into pieces or crushed into pieces, and then relatively high prices to sell to China. According to the relevant person to calculate, can hold 16 liters of beverage bottles can be made into a sweater. Looking back before 1993, all plastic bottles are in the trash, a small part of the recycling. Since the implementation of the buckle fee four years ago, the supermarket must be recycled empty bottles, PET bottles embarked on a journey: go to China, into a synthetic coarse sweater, and then return to Germany, China’s textile industry has a huge plastic demand. Although the merchant will be in Germany, the price of recycling companies plus one yards, imports or cheaper than their own production of this raw material. The freight from Hamburg to Hong Kong is very low because there is a lot of space on board when the freighter is shipped from China and unloaded. The cost of production in China is very low, because the labor force is low, and the environmental and social standards are not perfect. In the Chinese factory, these PET raw materials are classified by color and cut into pieces. After processing, PET bottles are returned to Germany in the form of textiles and are sold in Germany. The value creation here is huge: a synthetic coarse sweater price between 50 and 100 euros, and the material used is only 32 euro cents. Far East on the old plastic hunger simply can not see the end. China has been unable to meet the needs of its own raw materials. In this context, such as PET, second-hand raw materials worth doubled. Plastic empty bottles shipped to China as a raw material to use, which shows that in fact there is a second world of raw materials market. 10 years ago, the rubbish was thrown into the garbage dump, “when we were a consumer and discarded society.” China processed Germany and then sold this example illustrates the problem, “This market development to all consumers shows that some of the garbage is indeed regenerated Reuse.”

In the past two years, Indian intercontinental recycling companies have produced qualified recycled PET, which is reported to have been commissioned by Indian state-owned Intercontinental Recycling Company Indian-ownedInIncontinentalRecycling in the Skelmersdale region of northern England in November 2007, as planned. The unit can recover and convert 30,000 tons of waste plastic bottles annually. In addition, the device has some sorting, rinsing and drying equipment, the product will be used for non-food products, hot pots. Consumers can use this material to pack non-edible products or as a middle to separate two layers of edible material. Currently in the UK, the market price of recycled PET bottles for non-edible products is around £ 600 / tonne.
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