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PET Granulation Line

PET Granulation Line Introduction:

Parallel twin-screw extruder for PET granulation line adopts modular principle design, its aspect ratio、barrel structure、mesh changing、granulation form and automatic control mode are flexibly selected according to your request.

PET granulation machine realizes the promotion for accuracy and quality of high torque transmission box with overall reliability and quality stability and successfully developed the special new type screw structure with our 59 years of experience in recycling industry.

PET Pelletizer Through A Series Of Work To Get The PET Particles

PET Granulation Equipment Characteristics

  • Small clearance to ensure that no stock material in the twin screw and less screw leakage
  • Mirror panel threaded element to avoid material retention in the screw
  • higher extruder accuracy for less wear


PET granulator operation video display, if you want to know more about granulator information please contact us

PET Granulation Machine Technical Parameters:

ModelBarrel bore size(mm)Aspect rationMotor power(kw)Screw speed(rpm)Maximum torque(N.m)Capacity(kg/h)
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