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PET bottle washing line

Grease plastic often bottle, pot products. Such as mineral water, Coke bottles, oil pots and so on. Because the transparency is well received by the food industry, but the discarded items are also more complicated items, so in the regeneration process to facilitate user cleaning.Our company developed PET cleaning equipments. PET bottle washing line set crushing, cleaning, drying in one. Its appearance simple and generous, applicability, can be broken clean mineral water bottles, plastic barrels, Coke bottles and other bottles of material. After crushing, cleaning, drying, heating plastic, drawing, cooling, granulation, processing, you can directly as a renewable material utilization. PET bottle washing line with low power consumption, high quality products, low cost and so on.

pet washing line

pet bottle washing line

As PET bottles in the beverage, meal oil is widely used, because health reasons can only be used once, so the recovery of PET bottles of equipment have been concerned about. General PET bottles on the separation of the bottle, the bottle can also be the same focus on recycling. Waste plastic film recycling is also widely concerned about, in general, only plastic crusher can not be universal, the other equipment and PET recycling equipment is the same. Recycling of the equipment configuration is different, the quality of recycled plastic is also very different, which is the key to cleaning the level of good or bad. PET bottle washing line to introduce international advanced recycling technology, combined with the actual use of the domestic, designed for the recovery of various PET beverage bottles and design. With the appearance of fine, low energy consumption, high yield, practical and reliable features.

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