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Pet Bottle Recycling Line Helps the Environment

Pet Bottle Recycling Line is a resource environmental enterprise which integrates manufacture, engineering and equipment supply. Pet Bottle Recycling Line system covers our 25 years manufacturing experience.And the products are upgraded constantly. The management idea of Pet Bottle Recycling Line is to promote resource recycling over the world and create best commercial value to encourage energy saving & carbon reducing and protect our earth.

Description of Pet Bottle Recycling Line:

1. The material is mainly PET bottles, including water bottles, cola bottles…
2. The main parts of the PET washing recycling plant is label separating, crushing, cold and hot washing, caps separating, dehydrator and drying parts.
3. The capacity of the PET washing recycling plant is from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h.
4. There crusher is to crush the rigid material into small pieces with size from 1mm to 15mm depending on customers’ need.
5. Mechanical label separator and zigzag label separator can ensure to remove the labels thoroughly.
6. Sinking swimming tank can not only remove dirties of the flakes, but also can remove the caps out.
7. High speed friction washer and hot sinking swimming tank can remove the strong dirties, like the grease, oil, glue.
8. By dehydrator and drying system, the final products plastic flakes moisture level can be lower than 1%.
9. The final products PET flakes, the PVC level is lower than 150PPM, the impurities level is lower than 100PPM.
10. Pet Bottle Recycling Line can be taken directly to make the fibers, straps, and also can be granulated to be granules.

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