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PET Bottle Recycle Line

PET Bottle Recycle Line Cleaning process a complete cleaning system generally includes: pre-washing part, cleaning part, rinsing part and other processes. Prewash sections are generally use process after the water to remove the pollutants is wear on the surface of the material, this part of the use of water from the cleaning process, otherwise the water will be a waste water discharge. After the pre-washing part (hot), the glue that adheres to the label begins to melt, and the PVC bottle begins to fade. Cleaning (bottle) : the residual glue and other contaminants can be separated by cleaning tank and horizontal separator.


At the same time, in the process of cleaning, it is possible to choose continuous or intermittent cleaning according to the material’s impurity content. If the content of material impurities is uniformly cleaned, the content is not evenly selected for intermittent cleaning. Rinse process: you can separate the densities of different polymers and rewash the material and balance the PH value. Water treatment, water treatment is very important, not only for the function of the machine and the quality of the final product and processing cost is also very important, a successful production line need with a water filter, processing and recycling system. Under normal conditions, after such high quality cleaning, the contents of various impurities are controlled at about 10PPM. (the content of PVC depends on the result of automatic or manual sorting)


Equipment Specifications of the PET Bottle Recycle Line:

1. Diverter valve: it is before the double pistoion continuous screen changer

2. Die: Wear resistant high quality alloy steel.

3. Blade: wear-resistant alloy blade, service life of up to one year

4. Die heating: special die heating system (make sure the die temperature reaches desired).

5. pelletizer: motor power 7.5KW(Brand:WANNAN), speed : 3000 rev / min, AC variable speed.

6. cutter pressure control system: automatic pressure control.

7. underwater pelletizing cabinet: Siemens programmable (PLC) and touch screen control, one-touch boot. Easy to operate.

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