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PET Bottle Horizontal Dewatering Machine


PET Bottle Horizontal Dewatering Machine Description:

Horizontal Dewatering Machine For PET Bottle Washing Line  

This plastic dewatering centrifugal dryer machine is a perfect machine to dewatering for hard plastic, such as plastic PET/PVC/HDPE/LDPE/PP bottle flakes, sheets, pellets and so on. Washing the material and with high speed to remove the drain out of the water, the material Moisture <2%.  PET bottle horizontal dewatering machine is mainly applied in waste bottle recycling line&waste bottle washing line.

PET Bottle Horizontal Dewatering Machine Advantages:

1-with the roller bearing and fixed outside of rotor for long use time;

2-screen, using high quality stainless steel material, rotor and body, equipment is durable;

3-Blade is sector designed shape for more washing, with the water spray system to clean the mesh;

4-production of advanced technology, the spindle through dynamic and static balance, rational design, low noise, easy to clean, you can easily open the body, remove dryer internal sieve impurities;

5-good dewatering effect, less power consumption and efficiency, continuous production, high degree of automation, saving;

6- in addition to dehydration, can wash the plastic micro-small debris such as sand;

PET Bottle Horizontal Dewatering Machine Drawing:


PET Bottle Horizontal Dewatering Machine Technical Parameters:

NO.NameMotor Power(kw)Output kg/h)Overall Size(mm)Weight(T)
1WTS580 (horizontal)37-55300-6003030×1660×18602-2.5
2WTS710 (horizontal)55-75600-8003520×1780×22852.5-3
3WTS820 (horizontal)90-110800-15003520×1780×22853.5-4