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PET Bottle Flake Recycling Production Line Introduced the Main Process

A product description:
PET bottle flake cleaning and recycling production line, automatic production line, is dedicated to crushing, cleaning waste water bottles, Coke bottles and other PET plastic sheet equipment, is a new generation of efficient, water-saving equipment, the aircraft features: attractive appearance, can Low consumption, high output, practical and reliable. The new rinsing device can break with the wash, greatly improving the production efficiency, and wash clean.
Two product features:
1. High level of automation, can effectively reduce labor costs, but also to ensure high throughput 500-600Kg / h 1000Kg / h 2000Kg / h
2. Humanized control system, the control interface is clear, easy to operate, easy to test, emergency stop, easy to deal with emergencies.
3. All plastic and water contact places are made of high quality stainless steel, to ensure that will not produce bottle pollution, crusher blades using special alloy forging, durable
Three PET bottle flake cleaning and recycling production line working principle and characteristics:
This set of cleaning production line mainly through the removal of the standard, broken, cleaning, drying these four links to be cleaned and recycled high-quality bottles for later re-use.
The first step, off the link: the use of the marking machine, PET PET bottle on the PVC label removed (in the treatment of compressed bottles and waste when you need to use the bottle washer to mark);
The second step, the crushing process: the use of crusher, remove the label PET polyester bottle into the crusher crushed into 12-16mm size (if you consider the loss, it is best to break into 22-35mm size, washing and drying is completed For second crushing.).
The third step, the cleaning process: the first use of sink and sink, the broken PET polyester bottle and PP bottle cap by floatation method separation, and then put the bottle into the high-temperature cooking pot for high temperature (high temperature pot can add caustic soda Or detergent to remove oil stains and other stains on the bottle better), then use a high-speed friction washer to remove the impurities and sediment attached to the bottle and rinse the residual caustic soda and other impurities on the bottle through a rinse tank, You can get very clean high-purity PET bottle flake.
The fourth step, the drying process, the first use of dehydration machine, clean the bottle flakes 95% moisture. (If there is more demand, the dryer can be reused, the dehydrated PET polyester bottle chips are dried to more than 99% by a hot air blower, and then a small amount of residual label paper is removed by the air blower). This time the bottle, is already high-purity, low-moisture high-quality PET PET bottle flake.

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