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PET bottle washing line production process

Now advocate environmental protection, a lot of pet plastic bottles are recycled, after pet equipment cleaning, you can be re-use, play value. The next step by the source of machinery for you to introduce the PET bottle washing line production process:
Pet bottle processing and cleaning is divided into five steps:
Sorting – broken – pre-wash – main wash – rinse, these five steps are very important, indispensable.
PET bottle cleaning line production process is as follows:
One, sorting
Sorting is the raw materials in the miscellaneous bottles, variegated bottles, trademark paper, caps are not PET other impurities separated. (PVC / PS / rubber, etc.) can not be separated in the back of the process, only in the sorting process to deal with clean, or pet cleaning (some), some things (trademark paper, caps, etc.) in the back of the process can be removed, The equipment is not able to wash out the good bottle.
Second, crushed
In the smashing of this process, not only the whole bottle into pieces, there is a strong pre-wash function, the operation is good, you can remove more than 80% of the sediment and other impurities.
Third, pre-wash
Pre-wash process is to remove the surface of the bottle easy to remove the stains, this process to do well, can reduce the burden of the main washing process, improve cleaning quality, reduce the amount of cleaning agent, reduce costs.
Four, the main wash
Main wash is the key step in the whole process, in this process is mainly to remove the oil, plastic and other difficult to remove the stains, this step is done well, directly determine the quality of the bottle quality.
Five, rinse
This process has two roles, one floating the remaining floating material, and second, drift in the bottle on the adhesion of the cleaning agent.

PET bottle washing line to use Note:
PET bottle washing line features: a high degree of automation, from the broken, transportation, cleaning, rinsing, dehydration integration, good quality, high yield.
First, the dehydration: the best cyclone dehydration machine, power, high dehydration rate.
Second, rinse: it is best to use scrubbing rinse equipment (snake rinsing machine), the residual stains and cleaning agents to further remove.
Third, the main wash: use scrubbing and heating function of the equipment (snake with the main washing machine), and to ensure that the washing time; use the appropriate cleaning agent to ensure that all the stubborn stains.
Fourth, broken: choose the right crusher (forced feed crusher heavy machinery), adjust the knife and sieve the distance to prevent too much debris.

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