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Introduction to PET Bottle Washing Line

Lianguan Recycling Machinery provides you with PET bottle washing line which is specifically used for recycling,crushing and cleaning waste PET bottles and other PET plastic bottles.
The appearance of the PET bottle washing line is exquisite,it has low energy consumption,high yield,practical and reliable.The main purpose of Lianguan PET washing line is to process waste PET bottles,such as the typical water bottles,oil bottles,pure water bottles,PET milk bottles,mineral water bottles,cola plastic bottles and other PET materials bottles.


Advantages of PET Bottle Washing Line:
1.PET bottle brick can break by bale opening machine automatically.
2.The manual sorting platform can remove impurity which contains different kind and color of waste bottles, label chips, metal materials and rubbish. Ensure that only PET bottles into the next section.
3.Special design for PET bottle crusher, have the characteristics as material going smoothly, stable output, low energy consumption, low vibration noise, strong structure, low maintenance cost, long service life. At the same time, PET bottle wet crusher to strengthen the washing effect by water flowing, in addition to reduce PET debris and friction heat by water cooling, prolong the service life of the knife.
4.PET bottle washing floating tank, steam boiler, pet bottle washing dealkalization machine, and high speed friction washing machine part are for pet bottle flake final purification. Mainly rely on three washing force: mechanical strength, chemical and thermal stress, remove the trademark, cap , glue, potions and other impurities.
5.Dewatering machine, blowing separating the label and drying system are mainly to dehydrate the bottle and remove label. After dehydration, the water content is less than 2%, and the content of the impurity is about 300ppm.
Usually our luxury PET bottle recycling line contains the following equipments, the specific configuration can also be adjusted according to customer requirement.

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