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How does PET Bottle Recycling Line Work

How does PET Bottle Recycling Line Work, you may ask this way. Now, it’s time to uncover its work principle.

The Process is used to recycle big capacity and stable quality raw material, especially for PSF manufacturer and recycled POY manufacturer with big capacity.


Process Flowchart:
De-baling—– Label Scrapping—— Label Separation——- Bottle Pre-washing——–Manual Sorting and Metal Detecting—–Wet Grinding——-Gravity Separation——-Chemical Washing for PET Flakes——-Rinsing——–Drying——–Packing

Power: ~380 KW
Capacity: 3 Mt/hour Input
Area Requirement: 1000m2

Big Capacity PET Bottle Washing Line (Bottle to Bottle Grade)
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