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Environmental Issues to Promote The Development of PET Recycling Market

Recycling of plastics mainly refers to the conversion of waste plastics into a reusable form. Waste plastic can be divided into hard plastic and soft plastic two types. The former includes containers and bottles, which include wrapping paper and film. Plastic recycling of resin chips on the market to form this PET plastic. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a well-known thermoplastic polymer resin in the polyester, which is used as a component in the manufacture of clothes, thermoformed products, food and liquid containers The The market has many well-known companies, such as KW Plastics, South Asia Plastics Industry Co., Ltd., the United States M & G polymer companies, Anda Americas and PET plastic recycling plant. They have established PET plastic recycling industries including sheet production, waste logistics and sheet processing.

The use of PET plastic is mainly used in non-food containers, belts and polyester fibers. Most of the thermoplastics can be reused. As the selective use of PET plastic is widely used in carbonated beverages bottled, recycled PET plastic bottles using PTE recycling machinery has a wider range of applications than other plastics. The recovery of thermoplastics can be done in two steps. The first step is to completely restore the structure of the recycled polymer to the base material. The alternative process involves recovering the raw material whose actual polymer properties remain constant.

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The recycling of thermoplastics is a sustainable activity. A lot of waste of plastic caused the destruction of the environment, therefore, the urgent need for a clean and reorganization of waste activities. In the thermoplastic recycling industry, the recovery of water bottles as a major part, it is mainly used for the sale of liquids such as carbonated beverages, daily chemicals, detergents, soy sauce, beer, fruit juice and water. The bottle is difficult to separate because of its shape and coherence. Separate the flow of plastic by means of a programmed or manual arrangement. It is expected that the growing demand for light vehicles in the packaging and automotive industries is a key factor in driving the growth of the global PET plastics recycling market.

Recycled polyester staple fiber (RPSF) is a very important part of PET plastic recycling, and it is expected that RPSF will become a fiber in the textile industry in the coming years. First it melts by reflowing the thermoplastic PET container, after which the thick material is extruded to form the fibers. The fibers can be made into a large number of wires and then cut into filaments for spinning with a certain length.

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