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Disposable PET Plastic Bottle Possession of Large -PET Recycling Machinery to Help Re-use of Resources

In many plastic packaging, plastic bottles are widely used in one of the packaging, and for plastic bottle manufacturers, the production of products for the beverage, food, medicine, these markets packaging, we all know. These markets are the most traditional markets for plastic bottles, but in the case of the current buyer’s market, the excess product competition is inevitable.

For the plastic bottle manufacturers in these traditional packaging areas competing to compete to consolidate the market at the same time, if you can open up some of the other peer competition is not aware of the market, is clearly the development of the enterprise is very favorable. And the main one is that these low-market production of fewer enterprises, buyers are more difficult to find suppliers, so the plastic bottle manufacturers can be appropriate to improve the price of plastic bottles of a single product to enhance the profits of the product. On the other hand, these market competition is small, although usually few orders, but a single order, because the competition is less manufacturers, the probability of turnover is often larger. Which also need to take into account the waste of resources and environmental issues, one-time PET plastic bottles in use is likely to cause a large area of ​​extravagance and waste, how to save resources to re-use is the problem we should consider. Zhangjiagang Lianguan commitment to PET bottles washing equipment, PET recycling equipment R & D and manufacturing. Can be used again in the recycling of PET bottles have a good environmental role.

In the past eight years, disposable PET plastic bottles have occupied a considerable market share, the quality of plastic bottles is also rising. The importance of plastic containers is growing, not just in the beverage market, but also in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The new filling technology and heat-resistant PET bottles have opened up new possibilities and options. PET bottles in the beverage, cosmetics and sanitary products in the popular packaging, and detergent packaging is mainly used PE plastic bottles. In addition, PE is also widely used in milk bottles.

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