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Bottle-to-Bottle is one of PET recycling technology

PET as a large force of waste plastics recycling, like by insider, the recycling use of before and after each are not identical, can be divided into nine categories accordingly.Bottle-to-Bottle is one of PET recycling line technology.
PET Bottle after using the material to keep good performance, such as to back in the bottle making raw material after the dry cleaning is the most ideal, because the bottle with the characteristics of PET resin viscosity is much higher than that of fiber grade resin, not ordinary PET resin can be used for making bottles.

PET washing line

PET recycling line

In the case of ensure impurities and moisture of qualified, bottle flakes characteristic viscosity remain above 0.75,making alternative fragile glass bottles, for packaging liquid pesticides, oil, chemicals, etc. If in the course of processing introduced extender chain or viscosity of ontology technology, the technology of the bottle to bottle is an advantage.
The technical route is the key to such USES the limited market capacity,Despite more than a dozen countries around the world have allowed made from recycled PET bottle to fill and drink water.However, in view of the seriousness of the food safety, for the vast majority used in water and beverage packaging market, our country has not yet reached using recycled PET as raw material of making bottles of social consensus.

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